TT Plaza

Experience the future of mobility

TT Plaza is the largest 'Green science, Experience & Innovation Center' in Europa! A unique cocktail of mobility, technology, entertainment and leisure. Located next to the TT Circuit.

Sustainable mobility available to all

Read more about the energy-neutral development of the complex, and the organic restaurants which spoil you with the finest local produce.

When passion becomes reality

From the stands on the roof, you have a fantastic view on the the TT Circuit. And transportation to it is special!

The circuit at your feet. A unique location in Northwest Europe.

The special design of the building ensures optimal arrangement of all areas without the use of irritating posts. This gives an extra dimension to your event!

Building a resilient future.

Sustainable development, comprehensive embedding.

Dynamic and sustainable architecture (green energy)

TT Plaza is a complete energy-neutral complex. It has an advanced and sustainable design that integrates various functions, such as retail, entertainment and education. Functionality, aesthetics and ambiance are fully balanced in this design. The building, the facilities and the energy provisions are designed to comply with the most recent and most advanced technological standards.

The environment

In concrete terms, it minimises the negative impacts on the environment in all the activities inside the TT Plaza. This is our solid commitment based on certifications and quality marks. For example, we use organic products that have acquired the quality marks of FSC, Fair Trade or Ecolabel.

Social and economic aspects

Greening and improving sustainability are not only related to ecology; they also have a social and economic component. The impact on local communities and economic stability are essential. That is why TT Plaza chooses to actively stimulate the local economy and social development. That way, the entire region profits from the activities of TT Plaza.